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Training for Remote Meetings

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Remote Meeting Training Services
Provided by Amber-IT

Are you terrified of virtual meetings?  Don’t despair, we can help you overcome your fears so that you too can run engaging and effective virtual meetings.

Because of the current environment it seems that everywhere you look someone is holding a virtual meeting whether it be socially to catch up with friends and family, a virtual coffee morning  for a local charity or for business meetings and events. There are many companies providing platforms for virtual meetings from Zoom to Microsoft Team and many more besides, and there are just as many “How to”, training videos to get you up and running too!

If you are tired of people telling you how easy it is to hold a virtual meeting

You’ve watched the training video and tried to hold your Art Club AGM as a virtual meeting, which ended in disaster?

Or perhaps you would like to start using the technology, but you are just too afraid to try it on your own?

At Amber-IT we can help you run your own virtual meetings effectively and with confidence!

At Amber-IT we specialise in providing competitively priced, tutor-led, training sessions, on a one to one, or small group, basis to help you run successful virtual meetings.  We will provide an online space and a friendly tutor, to teach you the skills you need run effective virtual meetings.  You will discover how using best practices, hints and tips can make your meetings more engaging and productive.

Alternatively, if you need help running a virtual meeting, we can help with that too.

Our services are aimed at individuals, small organisations, local groups, small businesses and parish councils requiring a bespoke training service.

Prices start at £30.00 per person for a one to one training session, or £20 per person for a group session (with 2 - 6 participants).

For more information on prices and services please call Sharon on 07834 230351 or send a mail to Amber-IT@hotmail.com or see our list of course content below...

Virtual Meeting Training Sessions

We use Zoom for our virtual meeting training sessions.  Zoom has options for free and paid subscriptions, the features are broadly the same but there are some differences (which we cover in the training), but it is a good starting point for most people new to virtual meetings.  We can deliver training using other virtual meeting software if required please ask for details.  

Most of our training is bespoke, however, examples of content that can be provided are listed below, please call Sharon on 07834 230 351 for further details. 

Virtual Meetings for the Terrified!

55 minutes (a one to one session focussing on making you more comfortable with the technology)

  • Overview of Virtual Meetings, best practices and etiquette
  • Zoom meeting settings
  • Scheduling a meeting
  • Starting a meeting
  • In meeting tools & tips
  • Ending a meeting

Getting Started with Virtual Meetings

55 minutes (to get you up and running quickly) – the content is the same as the course above, but the pace is quicker.

Running Effective Virtual Meetings

55 minutes

  • Assigning roles
  • Capturing feedback including interactions, annotation tools, chat & polls
  • Hints & Tips for productive meetings

Virtual Meetings – Specific Features Sessions with Tips

One feature per session – 40 minutes

  • Assigning roles
  • Meeting preparation
  • Capturing feedback
  • Working with Breakout Rooms
  • Virtual Backgrounds

Document Services

If you are moving your documents to a new a new online filing system or web site perhaps it is time to take stock of what you have and what you need to keep?  Sifting through endless files and deciding what to keep and how to categorise them and then add the files to the new system is time consuming.

Why not let us help you carry out the work for you?  If you would like to discuss any of these services further, please contact Sharon on 07834 230351.